PNTECH Participates in Istanbul SolarEX 2023, Gains Industry Insights and Secures Deals

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We’re proud to announce that PNTECH have successfully participated in the Istanbul SolarEX 2023, which took place from April 6th to 8th. As a leading group company that specializes in the production of photovoltaic junction boxes, photovoltaic brackets, photovoltaic cables, and connectors, we were excited to have the opportunity to showcase our products at this prestigious event.

During the exhibition, we had the opportunity to meet with numerous clients and gain valuable insights into the latest industry trends and technologies. Our team was pleased to exchange ideas with other professionals in the field and learn about the innovative solutions being developed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of solar energy.


In addition to expanding our knowledge, we also had the pleasure of securing new orders and forming new partnerships. Our products were met with great enthusiasm, and we received positive feedback from many attendees. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with new customers and continue to provide high-quality products and exceptional service.

As a company committed to sustainability and renewable energy, PNTECH takes great pride in our contributions to the solar energy industry. We believe that by providing reliable, efficient, and sustainable products, we can help pave the way for a cleaner and more sustainable future.


Overall, our experience at the Istanbul SolarEX 2023 was a great success. We would like to extend our thanks to the event organizers for their hard work and dedication in making this exhibition possible. We would also like to thank all of our clients and partners for their continued support and confidence in our products and services.


Looking ahead, PNTECH remains committed to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the growing demand for renewable energy. We look forward to continuing our work in the industry and building new relationships with clients and partners around the world.


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